National Parade on the Flag Day of the Finnish Defence Forces in Helsinki 4 June 2017

Puolustusvoimat FINNISH DEFENCE FORCES, 23 May 2017

The National Parade on the Flag Day of the Finnish Defence Forces will be held in Helsinki on 4 June 2017. In addition to the review of troops and pass in review, the programme will include vessel and materiel displays, a flight show and the Defence Forces’ Finland 100 summer tour 2017 concert. The events are free of charge.

The parade will be reviewed by President Sauli Niinistö together with the Commander of the Finnish Defence Forces General Jarmo Lindberg. Field Bishop Pekka Särkiö will hold the field devotional and the parade troops will be commanded by the Army Chief of Staff Major General Petri Hulkko.

The theme of the parade is: National defence is everybody’s business. Troops from the Finnish Army, Navy and Air Force, National Defence University, Border Guard and veteran’s and national defence organisations will participate in the day’s events. The parade will include a total of more than 1,300 persons, 50 vehicles and 19 aircraft.

The review of troops will take place at the Senate Square at 12:00. The parade troops will begin to gather at the Senate Square at 11:20.

The pass in review on Mannerheimintie will begin at the Simonkatu – Kaivokatu intersection at 13:30 and progress in the direction of Musiikkitalo. The pass in review will be viewed in front of Musiikkitalo.

In addition to the marching troops, the parade will include 50 vehicles. For the first time, a 155 mm Armoured Howitzer K9 Thunder will participate in the parade event.

The flypast will include Army NH90 helicopters and Hughes MD500 light helicopters, the Border Guard’s Super Puma sea rescue helicopter as well as Air Force Hornet fighters and Hawk jet trainers.

In addition to the parade, the day will also offer many other things to see around Helsinki. It will be possible to visit Navy combat and support vessels and equipment in the Eteläsatama harbour and the Border Guard’s offshore patrol vessel Turva at the Katajanokka dock.

A joint air show of the Air Force and Army will take place at the Kaivopuisto park before the review of troops, where NH90 transport helicopters, F/A-18 Hornet fighters and the Midnight Hawks aerobatic team will perform. All flypasts are subject to weather conditions.

Midnight Hawks Aerobatic Team.

There will be a joint equipment display of the Army, Air Force and other authorities on the Kansalaistori square, which will be open all day.

Also on the Kansalaistori square, the highlight of the day will be the Defence Forces Finland 100 summer tour 2017 concert, where the Defence Forces’ Guards Band and Conscript Band will perform with soloists Sami Pitkämö, Osmo Ikonen and Heini Ikonen.

The general public is invited to attend all of the Flag Day’s events. The review of troops and pass in review can also be watched on giant screens at the Senate Square, the Market Square and the Kansalaistori square.

The parade will affect the traffic in Helsinki. The public is asked to arrive in good time using public transportation in order to avoid traffic congestion. It is advisable to avoid using one’s own car in the city centre at the time of the Flag Day’s events, as some streets and areas will be completely reserved for the parade.

Preparations will begin already on 3 June at parade locations.

The Guard Jaeger Regiment is responsible for parade arrangements.

The Defence Forces, City of Helsinki and Helsinki Region Transport will provide information on traffic arrangements as of 22 June.

Programme for the Flag Day:

08.00 Ceremonial hoisting of the flag by the Navy in Eteläsatama harbour
9.00 Wreath laying ceremony at Hietaniemi cemetery
09.00-15.00 Navy vessels and equipment display open for visitors in Eteläsatama harbour
10.00-18.00 Equipment display at Kansalaistori square
10.00-10.50 Service in the Helsinki Cathedral
10.50-11.30 Air Force and Army Air Show in Kaivopuisto park
11.20 Parade troops begin to gather for the review of troops at the Senate Square
12.00 Review of troops at the Senate Square
13.30 Pass in review on Mannerheimintie
15.00-18.00 Defence Forces Finland 100 summer tour 2017 concert at Kansalaistori square

You can follow the parade on location or on the internet on the Defence Forces’ websites:

2 thoughts on “National Parade on the Flag Day of the Finnish Defence Forces in Helsinki 4 June 2017”

    1. The Finns celebrate birthday of Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim, Marshal of Finland, on June 4. The occasion is also celebrated as the Flag Day of the Finnish Defence Forces. Finns across the country celebrate their military, independence and national pride, and as you say John, it is an interesting and exciting spectacle!

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