9 thoughts on “Top 10 Fascinating Facts about the Anglo-Saxons”

  1. Mr. Whistler spoke rather quickly, but with such a distinctive voice, it was all very clear (even to an American 🙂 ). Now, if I can only keep this all straight in my mind as you proceed!

    1. I will do my best to keep it chronological and readable. I keep reading back each piece just to make sure I understand what I have written. So far I have covered the basics of the Anglo-Saxons, the Byzantines, and I’m about to post the ‘early Vikings’ and how they came to be. Then we can get onto the gory stuff!!

      1. Thank you Matthew. They say ‘follow your heart’, It was a risky move, but I have made the right one. I love your ‘word of the day’ segment, often I will try to slip it into conversation with friends – it can be quite funny!

    1. I thought that. The reason they made their ships with axes is that saws would have cut across the grain and compromised the integrity of the ship. Those Longboats with 60+ crew could do 30 knots under full sail!

    2. Also their tempered steel swords were works of art. Later blades of homogeneous steel, were probably imported from the Rhineland. Only those of high status would own a sword, they would be buried with the owner.

      Poorer farmers would tend to go to war with axes and spears, if they were lucky, they could get some leather armour for protection, where the higher status individuals would use “four-on-one” type, mail shirts, where four solid (punched or riveted) rings are connected by a single riveted ring. Mail of this type is known as a byrnie from Old Norse brynja.

      In addition, the higher status individuals would have a spangenhelm pattern helmet (sometimes with a mask), and probably a horse.

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