1. Very interesting. I’ve always enjoyed the Viking stories and welcome learning the pronunciation of the names. As in every history, separating the fact and myth sometimes becomes difficult.

    1. You are right GP. Unfortunately. little was written down during the Viking period. Families tended to pass stories down from the elders to the younger members of the group. We do have runic writings that give us a clue as to life in the Viking world, and we have a great amount of archaeology.

      The Anglo-Saxons of course wrote the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles, which recorded Anglo-Saxon life for hundreds of years – that was the advantage of having monasteries and literate monks. After the Vikings invaded England and converted to Christianity, scribes began to write about Viking life and stories from the Viking past that had been passed down were recorded. Even so, as you point out, not all of the writings were accurate, and it is difficult to separate fact from myth.

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