Viking Replica Coin Pack – Cnut Penny

Cnut Penny – Front of Presentation pack

I purchased a reproduction Cnut Viking penny from Amazon this week. I had been forewarned that this is a single penny and not a set. The Amazon style of advertising is a little misleading and you could be forgiven for thinking that you are purchasing more than one coin.

Nevertheless, the packaging is professional and the coin is good quality and makes a nice display piece if you are interested in the period.

Inside of pack with a brief description of the Cnut Penny.
For comparison, I have displayed the Cnut Penny (top left); an Icelandic 10 Kronur coin (top right); a quarter (bottom left); and a 5 pence coin (bottom right).

Amazon describes this product as;

The coin replica has the crowned bust of Cnut on the obverse and a long cross on the reverse.

  • This reproduction Cnut Penny coin is made from lead-free pewter
  • The coin is held in a clear plastic blister and is supplied in full colour pamphlet style packaging
  • It comes with images and is full of historical information of both the coin and the Vikings.
  • The coins are also fabulous teaching resources.

Product description

Viking is an umbrella term for a range of people, mostly from the East of England, either from Scandinavian countries or further away. Amongst them were pirates, travelling tribes, individual explorers and warriors and very often traders and merchants. Best known are, of course, those who pillared the English cost, although more influential were those who traded and finally settled along the cost of England, Scotland and even other coasts of northern Europe. The pirate problem is as old as history, but Vikings refers to the period of the Middle Ages from around the period of Charlemagne in the 8th c. and William the Conqueror in the 11th. c. Famous amongst the kings who had to deal with the Vikings is around the turn of the millenium the Saxon Aethelred. He tried to keep the Vikings out of the country by paying them money, the famous ‘Danegeld’. Nevertheless, the people from Denmark and their King Sweyn Forkbeard set for England in 1013 and made his son Cnut the emperor there by incorporating England into his own empire.

The coin pack costs £3.99 with free shipping in the UK and $10.12 + $6.00 shipping if purchased in the US.

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