The Lore and the Elder Kin— Fact or Fiction?

Jessica Triepel

I read a blog post recently that got me thinking. Well, I’m always thinking, although admittedly, it is more nonsense than anything else. Still better to be thinking my own nonsense than let others do the thinking for me.

Anyway, back to the point. The post I’m referring to isHengist and Horsa and the Anglo-Saxon invasion of England. (See the link below.)
What I want to write about now is more or less unrelated, but there was a comment made about how what we call mythology was basically a historical record of ancient peoples, even if it was embellished a little.

Now, you might be thinking that’s all nonsense. Mythology is just fanciful stories, completely fictional, and only ever served to convey a moral lesson. Well, maybe that’s what it became, but I have long believed otherwise. For years, it has been my belief that myths started as…

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6 thoughts on “The Lore and the Elder Kin— Fact or Fiction?”

  1. It’s a very interesting theory and holds a lot of water. I’ve often wondered myself, where such stories come from. Were people in those early days of civilisation, really able to make up such myths in detail so fantastic that it extends understanding beyond science fiction? Or were they so simple that through Chinese whispers they have been completely embellished over the centuries. Why would they make such stories up? To entertain is possible, after all in the long dark nights what else did they do to keep the children happy? Perhaps alien life forms were real, then where are they now? I could go on endlessly hypothesising about the origins of mythology, maybe we just accept their delight and continue to pass them on thus keeping that mystery alive.

    1. The endless pursuit for truth is what drives us forward. I think that given that there are more stars in the universe than all of the grains of sand on all of the beaches of this planet, that sentient alien life has to be out there. Where it is right now is a question that I consider from time to time. It is a human frailty that so often in science fiction, aliens are portrayed as ‘invaders’. I think that says more about our intentions than theirs. Thanks Andy.

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