5 thoughts on “3D-animation of Tissø in The Viking Age”

  1. This is really superb! I keep thinking that modern gaming tech should be applied to this sort of thing – near-photo realistic reconstructions of historical places that can be explored and interacted with. Or maybe an augmented reality app that showed how things were (by photo or CGI) when visiting the actual places. Either way it’s the nearest we could ever get to actually being there, I suspect. And wouldn’t it be an amazing experience!

    1. It really would be amazing. The technology that exists now is sophisticated enough to give us a sense of perspective and spatial awareness that provides a greater degree of historical understanding than we have previously enjoyed. I loved seeing this too. 3D modelling has to be the future. Thanks for stopping by as always Matthew.

  2. It’s fascinating to see these and other historical places brought to life. It may only be CGI but it makes sense out of excavations and ‘bits of pottery’ found in the ground. One for the classroom!

    1. Ha! Sounds like you have been watching episodes of ‘Time Team’ like me! – three days digging trenches only to discover a piece of broken Roman? Pottery…. and then they confidently claim that there was a market town on the site. Some episodes are good – I’ll give them that, but some are very circumspect. Thanks Andy.

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