Plantagenet Kings of England, Part One: The Angevins

Rambling History

The Plantagenet line of English Kings is a fascinating period in both English and European history. They are the quintessential royal family, marked with political intrigue, treachery, deceit and stern, yet progressive rule.

There were European conflicts, crusades, civil wars and conquest. Several of Britain’s most lauded and notorious monarchs hail from this line, which includes Edward ‘Longshanks‘ I, Richard The Lionheart and the enigmatic Richard III.

The name itself comes from the Latin, planta genista, meaning “sprig of broom” which hails from their time as the counts of Anjou in France.

This comes from Geoffrey, Count of Anjou, who is said to have worn this on his helmet.

Their holdings in Anjou, and through marriage, the Duchy of Aquitaine, made them one of the richest houses in all of Europe.

Their reign as kings of England lasted over 300 years, and came to a cataclysmic end…

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